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iVisit.... The Grenadier

  • The Grenadier 18 Wilton Row, Belgrave Square London, SW1X 7NR United Kingdom (map)

A landmark in its own right, The Grenadier in Belgrave Square is royalty amongst London pubs. This historic treasure chest is not your usual insipid public house. The Grenadier reputation is as illustrious as it is mysterious.

Originally built in 1720 as the Officers Mess for The First Royal Regiment of Foot Guards, the Grenadier became a licensed premise in 1818 to serve as The Guardsman Public House; it was latter renamed The Grenadier.

In 1656, the First Royal Regiment of Foot Guards was formed. As a result of the heroism they showed whilst fighting off the French Grenadiers at Waterloo in 1815, they were renamed by Royal Proclamation as the ‘First Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards’, thus becoming the only regiment in the British Army to be named for one of its battle honours. The building was built in 1720 as the home to the Foot Guards Regiment. It was famously known as the Duke of Wellington’s Officers Mess and was even frequented by King George IV.

It is so called after a young Grenadier, affectionately named Ceric by locals, whom is said to have been caught cheating at a game of cards. The story goes that his comrades savagely beat him to death as a punishment. An exact date as to when this happened is unknown, but it is presumed that that fateful night was in the month of September, as this is the time of year that The Grenadier receives an onslaught of supernatural and spooky activity! Past visitors of the pub have attempted to pay off Cedric’s debt by attaching money to the ceiling, which, after over a century, has been totally covered with transatlantic money.

A solemn, silent spectre has been witnessed creeping slowly across the pub. Objects seem to either disappear or move without explanation. Tables and chairs rattle inexplicably, as well as an icy chill that befalls the pub that can last for days. Footsteps have been heard wandering around empty rooms, and every so often, low sighing moans are heard from the depths of the cellar. Famously, on one occasion, it was reported that whilst the Chief Superintendent from New Scotland Yard was enjoying a drink in the pub, smoke began to waft around him. As he reached towards the smoke, it is said that an invisible cigarette burnt his hand. These peculiar happenings are attributed to the murdered Grenadier returning to the pub.

Thanks to 'Cedric', The Grenadier is often regarded as one of the country’s most haunted pubs. The Grenadier is abound with character, as well as providing a superb variety of hand pumped ales including Courage Best, Morland Old Speckled Hen and Marston's Pedigree. Tucked away down the exclusive Wilton Mews, on the corner of Old Barrack Yard, the patriotic Grenadier is painted red, white and blue to match with the sentry box outside.

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